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"Through our plants, tinctures, and workshops, we hope to  introduce forest wisdom, culture, and medicine to the people."


We partake in various craft and farmers markets throughout the US.

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Learn the art of bringing nature into your home through a selection of workshops for individuals or groups

sacred harvest moss wall install

Creating organic, hand foraged arrangements, centerpieces, and installations that mimic nature's beauty.

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Meet the Maker

Taylor Bates

Owner & Founder

Taylor Bates grew up on South Beach in Miami, FL. His surroundings spawned a deep appreciation for subtropical flora and international culture, leading to an interest in a broad range of art forms.


After pursuing a degree in Biology with a focus in Mycology Taylor began putting his knowledge into practice by creating a sustainable lifestyle. "This all began as a way to help fund an off-grid, homesteading dream" Taylor explains.


Sacred Harvest has now blossomed into an expanding collective that sparks a calling back to the natural world, instilling child-like awe and wonder through creation and knowledge.


Kokedama is a 2,000 year old Japanese art form! In Japan,the beauty of transience and imperfection is called "wabi-sabi". Its an aesthetic principle that celebrates the irregular, intimate, and modest forms of nature. 


what is a


Will it ever become root-bound?

Fabric pots do not become root bound like they do in regular pots,a feature called air pruning. When roots get closer to air they branch into tiny fibers that increase water intake and oxygen!


will it ever become


About once a week, or whenever it feels light in weight, just soak the moss ball in a bowl of water for 3-5 minutes until fully saturated!


how often should I

water one?

Screenshot to ave our Kokedama Care Instructions and view our FAQ  page


dance with
your plants
they like music too..)

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